Weaving Language and Global Competencies Throughout the CSULB Curricula

We live in an interdependent and globalized world where political, economic, and social interactions across borders are increasing at an exponential rate.  Accordingly, it is vital that students graduating from all of CSULB’s diverse programs hold the skills to consider their professions in a context of global literacy and competencies.

International Education at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) is at a crossroads.  Components of international education are highly developed at The Beach.  There is a broad array of short term study abroad courses, a thriving Center for International Education providing infrastructure for study abroad and international students, a model International Studies major, active and innovative language and linguistics departments, and a clearly articulated “Global Perspective” component in its mission statement.  This proposal is written to bring the pieces of the international education puzzle together and to move from providing structures and concepts in international education to ensuring the development of student global competencies, particularly in areas traditionally underserved by international education programming.   To this end, we will undertake five (5) projects with the intent of operationalizing the Campus Strategic Plan international elements and connecting the Strategic Plan to the mission statement:

  1. Develop a Language and Global Competencies General Education Theme

  2. Create a Language and Global Competencies Honors Track

  3. Develop a minor in Khmer Language for Heritage Speakers in coordination with the UCB/UCLA Khmer Language Consortium

  4. Development of new tools for the Department of Romance, German, Russian Languages and Literature (RGRLL). Specifically: develop a French/Italian Language-Culture Certificate and a Spanish Language Certificate for Heritage Speakers with a specific focus on competency development within high unit and technical majors.

  5. Develop Global Nursing programming.

The Global Studies Institute will coordinate efforts between units and will develop global learning outcomes and measures across in concert with the individual departments.  Each of these tasks has both an international student integration and a study abroad option component.  The Center for International Education will provide direct support to departments for programmatic development in these areas.

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